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Communication, Transparency, Proactive Maintenance


The Art of Possible in social housing repairs


26 September @11AM and 2PM


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26 September, Tuesday


Calling all housing visionaries!


Picture this: seamless communication with residents and partners, crystal-clear transparency in reporting and a proactive approach that prevents repairs before they occur.

Why Attend?

Elevate your housing repair expertise

  • Stay ahead: Gain insights into the latest tech trends reshaping repairs. Stay ahead of the curve in the evolving housing landscape.

  • Actionable strategies: Earn practical solutions from experts who've achieved tangible results. Implement strategies that work immediately.

  • Network & collaborate: Engage with peers who share your passion. Forge relationships and collaborate on innovative repair solutions.

  • Real-life insights: Explore successful case studies showcasing technology integration in housing repairs. Apply these insights to your own challenges.


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Who Should Attend

Our workshop is tailor-made for professionals who are passionate about elevating housing repairs and embracing the power of technology.

  • Head of Maintenance and Repairs: Explore innovative strategies to optimise repair processes, from planning to execution.
  • Housing Association Managers: Shape the future of repairs for your properties.
  • Director of Housing Services: Discover tech-driven solutions that enhance service delivery and resident satisfaction.
  • Maintenance Coordinators: Streamline repair processes for smoother outcomes.
  • IT Leaders: Discover how technology and data insights can transform repairs.

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Accelerate your transformative journey towards a smarter, more efficient era of housing repairs.

Your vision starts here.

26 September @11AM and 2PM